Asset Management

Comprehensive experience and wisdom

Berkely Residential have been leasing and managing high quality rental properties around Canberra for over 10 years.

As one of Canberra’s top end estate agents, our comprehensive knowledge and wisdom of the rental market, in conjunction with a dedicated Asset Management team means that we can and do deliver an exceptional service offering.

Property Management Philosophy

The evolution of property management has been very interesting over time. It is now a specialized service that offers a number of management options for both landlords and tenants.

Berkely Residential’s secret to success is the importance we place on personalized and tailored services. We have structured our company to provide clients with a complete Asset Management service offering.

With highly trained Asset managers, we assure landlords that we understand both the financial and emotional emphasis of managing your property and believe that good communication will build trust within the relationship.

All of our staff are regularly trained in professional development, and we ensure that we are always up to date with current industry practices and legislative changes.

Our weekly meetings review critical information such as all lettings, identify properties that are vacant or are becoming vacant, and look at issues such as repairs. We regularly communicate with landlords regarding progress on their property, always making sure that they are up to date with the most recent changes and that tenancies run efficiently and effectively.

Berkely Residential has an enviable reputation for results and provides the highest quality service to our clients.

Location Specialist

Berkely Residential has a comprehensive knowledge of Canberra’s property market.

We have executive offices located in Manuka and Kingston, these are prime locations to manage property in and around the Inner suburbs of Canberra’s most desired suburbs.

Our property management team has established themselves as a market leader in leasing and managing residential property.

With our extensive experience and vast knowledge of the local district, you can be assured that your property will be managed in the most professional manner.

Property Management and our approach

Marketing your investment

Berkely Residential aims to achieve maximum exposure for your property to generate a high level of enquiry resulting in efficient letting and minimal vacancy periods.

Screening Tenants

Prospective tenants are screened by one of our experienced property managers, once they have completed a detailed application form.

We conduct a thorough check of the prospective tenants. We contact previous landlords or their managing agents, current and previous employers and personal referees. This ensures that we obtain a thorough background of the applicant’s rental history and their reliability when leasing a property.

When we establish that the person is suitable as a prospective tenant, we contact you to discuss the application and obtain your approval.


Berkely Residential will prepare all lease documentation in accordance with legislative requirements. We will explain the terms and conditions to the successful tenants to ensure they understand their legal obligations. Special clauses can be added to the agreement in order to ensure that all parties are satisfied, provided that they are compliant with current legislation.

Condition Report

Prior to the tenancy commencement, we complete a detailed condition report of the property and take digital photos in order to retain evidence of the condition of the property. A copy is given to the incoming tenant for signing. The condition report is filed in our office for the duration of the tenancy as evidence.

The Residential Tenancies Act

This piece of legislation is designed to protect the rights, interests and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants.

We understand all aspects of the Act and we are kept well informed of the extensive legislative provisions, hence we are able to properly advise our clients of the various statutory requirements that must be met.

We are able to represent your rights and interests at the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


In accordance with legislation we retain a bond amount equivalent to one months rent for properties. The office will complete documentation and forward the bond amount to the Residential Tenancies Bond Office where it will remain until the end of the tenancy term. Berkely Residential recognizes the value of continued tenancy. We take extra care when handling bonds and when communicating with both tenants and landlords.

Rental Collection

Paying rent is easy and painless for our tenants. We offer a variety of payment options including B-Pay and Internet banking.


Each month we generate a detailed statement for your properties. The statement provides details such as important dates and the amount collected, together with any disbursements paid. The rental funds can be directly transferred into the nominated bank account and we provide an end of financial year statement to assist with your annual tax return.


We are committed to inspecting our clients’ properties in line with the legislation every 6 months to ensure the property is in good condition. We prepare a report on the condition of the property together with recommendations or maintenance that is required. It also provides us with the opportunity to discuss leases and rent reviews with tenants.

Rent Reviews

We monitor market conditions and review rents to ensure landlords can optimize rental income and achieve the highest returns. At Berkely Residential we recognize the value of continued tenancy.

Guidelines for landlords

A number of factors need to be considered before putting your property on the market for lease.

Street Appeal

Street appeal is extremely important. A home that is inviting, clean and well maintained will encourage proud new tenants. These tenants will be happy to maintain the condition of the property for their own wellbeing.

The Garden

The gardens need to be looking their best by mowing the lawns and trimming trees and shrubs. Clear gutters and drains of rubbish will maintain the health of the garden.


Repair any fencing that is falling down or in disrepair. Ensure that all decking, verandahs and sheds are safe and in optimum condition. Make any additional repairs to the house as is required.


It may be necessary to repaint some areas of the house, both inside and outside. A heavy-duty paint that is easy to clean can help preserve the condition of the house.

Professional cleaning

Before introducing any prospective tenants to the property, ensure that it is clean and tidy. This includes all curtains and fixtures, ovens, cupboards and any dishwasher or other appliance that is being retained the property including the bathroom. Carpets should be professionally cleaned. We reiterate to our tenants that we expect them to leave the property in the same condition when they move out.

Additional information

It is useful for you to provide us with a file containing any relevant information, which we will copy and provide to the tenant. This could include user manuals for additional appliances within the property, such as air conditioner, alarm or heating systems. It might also include information on the area like the closest shopping district or when the rubbish bins are to be emptied. All of this ensures that tenant is able to utilize the property to its full potential and look after the property.


Choosing your property manager

When deciding on a suitable agent to lease your property, it is important you consider and assess their ability to manage and protect your valuable Asset.


An agent should be able to substantiate the proposed rental price by showing you comparable properties they currently manage and those recently leased in the vicinity. If the higher price on the property cannot be justified, the chances are it will remain vacant resulting in loss of rent.


It is essential that an agent has extensive experience in leasing and managing high quality residential property. Experience is a key factor in ensuring that the property achieves optimized returns.


The level of dedication can be assessed by viewing the agent ‘s qualifications. Their level of professionalism demonstrates their commitment to managing your property.